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Photo Printer

Predictional Resize Example

One of the most commonly problems of printing at home is how to increase the printing size of an image without getting blurring and jagged edges. General interpolation methods like linear or bicubic can severely degrade the print quality.

To overcome this problem we have developed our own advanced algorithm of resizing that preserves edges and details sharp. Below you can find an examples of resizing 640x480 pixels photo by 400% (10x13 inches print) with the help of Adobe Photoshop and our product.

You can compare the results by downloading both files and printing them out.

Original 640x480 pixels image. Click to download (153 KB). Resized 400% by Adobe Photoshop, 2560x1920 pixels. Click to download (1.1 MB)
Resized 400% by FirmTools PhotoPrinter, 2560x1920 pixels. Click to download (1.7 MB)

Autoarrange Examples

These are several layout examples produced by the autoarrangement feature with different settings.

  • Optimize size is On.
    Rotation is Off.
  • Optimize size is On.
    Rotation is On.
  • Optimize size is Off.
    Rotation is On.
    Border size set to zero.